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How To Operate A Mini Digger

mini digger hire

You can make short work of groundworks in tight spaces with mini digger hire. They’re compact, and low impact whilst providing an effective way to speed up the digging process. If you’ve got a small project underway, and you’re looking to get the job done fast, then a small excavator may be the perfect solution. With […]

Can Electric Diggers Compete With Conventional Machinery Hire? Commonly Asked Questions

Electric digger hire

Much like electric vehicles, electric diggers are becoming more and more popular to hire within the construction industry. This is due to the need for more environmentally friendly machinery within the building trade. Electric plant may receive a bit of scepticism from some operators, but these machines are both powerful and efficient. Of course, both […]

How To Keep Your Digger Maintained While On Hire

Digger And Dumper

When using a digger on hire, it’s important to keep it in good condition. Part of the agreement of using hired machinery is being responsible for daily maintenance. If you ignore these aspects, you could be liable for any damage that occurs due to negligence. To help keep your machine running smoothly for the whole […]

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