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Dumper Hire

Contact our local company for dumper hire in Stafford and the surrounding areas. These dumpers are an efficient way to transport large loads of rocks, rubble and other building materials across your site with minimum effort. We have models from leading manufacturers as we only want to give our customers the very best!

Get in touch with us today to book reliable plant hire.

750KG High Tip (Petrol)

Fuel Logo Petrol

Payload – 750kg
Length – 1500mm
Width – 850mm

1 Tonne High Tip (Diesel)

Fuel Logo Diesel

Payload – 1000kg
Length – 2359mm
Width – 1120mm
Height – 2883mm

2 Tonne Rota Skip (Diesel)

Fuel Logo Diesel

Payload – 1900kg
Length – 3550mm
Width – 1492mm
Height – 2697mm

3 Tonne Rota Skip (Diesel)

Fuel Logo Diesel

Payload – 3000kg
Length – 3900mm
Width – 1840mm
Height – 2660mm

3.5 Tonne Cabbed (Diesel)

Fuel Logo Diesel

Payload – 3500kg
Length – 3821mm
Width – 1957mm
Height – 2663mm

6 Tonne Rota (Diesel)

Fuel Logo Diesel

Payload – 6000kg
Length – 2095mm
Width – 4590mm
Height – 2910mm

6 Tonne Cabbed (Diesel)

Fuel Logo Diesel

Payload – 6000kg
Length – 4711mm
Width – 2211mm
Height – 2875mm

9 Tonne (Diesel)

Fuel Logo Diesel

Payload – 9000-10000kg
Length – 2350mm
Width – 4659mm

Dumpers & Mini Dumpers Available To Hire

We have dumpers and mini dumpers available in a range of sizes to suit the requirements of your construction or landscaping project. Whether you need a larger machine to transport heavy loads, or a mini dumper for jobs where manoeuvrability is important, you won’t need to go anywhere else! These vehicles can be used on a variety of terrains, including waterlogged conditions.

Hire Well Maintained Dumper Trucks

All of our dumper trucks are kept in great condition to ensure they arrive at your site ready to be used. We regularly service our vehicles to keep them clean and free from damage.

Call Now For Affordable Dumper Truck Hire

If you need dumper hire in Stafford, please get in touch with our expert team. We can help you choose the most suitable vehicle for your project.

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