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Five Reasons To Hire An Electric Dumper

Electric dumper hire is a fantastic hire alternative to conventional machinery. They provide a number of financial and environmental benefits that cannot be found on equipment with diesel engines. If you’re interested in saving on costs, the environment and your health, discover the many reasons to do so below.

Reduced Noise Pollution

An electric dumper hire is the perfect solution for a work site that requires reduced noise pollution. Building work often negatively impacts residential areas, hospitals and areas where loud noises may disturb surroundings. Electric-powered equipment is an excellent way to accomplish the work required without disturbing the environment. The battery power is often extremely quiet in comparison to a loud, spluttering diesel engine. Although construction work is never completely void of noise, efforts to reduce sound as much as possible will be appreciated by all.

Lower Your Carbon Footprint With An Electric Dumper Hire

As our society grows, the need for renewable energy and carbon-neutral practices increases. Fossil fuels and conventional machinery are unsustainable, not only because of the fuel itself, but also the practice of prioritising convenience over the environment. By using an electric dumper hire, you’ll be able to utilise the convenience of modern technology without damaging the world around you. Sustainable equipment like these are a great way to lower your carbon footprint with zero emissions, whilst still getting the job done.

Cost-Effective & Renewable Fuel

Another benefit of electric dumper hire is the cost savings. Affordability is important, and charging a battery is far more economical than buying diesel, especially as the price rises. With a 12 hour charging time (perfect for overnight), and enough power for an average working day, you can utlilise these savings whilst still achieving the same workflow as a conventional machine.

Cleaner Air On Site

Diesel engines may be convenient and sometimes necessary in rural areas where access to electric charging stations isn’t possible. However, the emissions can reduce air quality on site. This directly affects the health of individuals working near the vehicle and can be detrimental to lung capacity and safety. Contrastingly, a battery-powered electric dumper hire produces no emissions, and is run on completely renewable energy, so you can achieve great things on-site without jeopardizing health, or the environment.

Dumper On Building Site

Lower Maintenance Costs

Standard combustion engines were revolutionary in the early 20th century and for good reason. They paved the way for innovative modes of transport and shaped the world we live in today. However, they contain a lot of moving parts that are prone to wear and tear. If you hire an electric dumper, you can be confident in the machine’s reliability. Without a conventional engine, there are fewer moving parts and less opportunity for breakdowns and breakages.

Choose Double M Plant Hire For Electric Dumpers

Our range of electric dumpers available to hire are top-of-the-line, environmentally friendly and perfect for a residential setting. If you’re interested in plant hire, get in touch with Double M today to find out more.

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