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Can Electric Diggers Compete With Conventional Machinery Hire? Commonly Asked Questions

Much like electric vehicles, electric diggers are becoming more and more popular to hire within the construction industry. This is due to the need for more environmentally friendly machinery within the building trade. Electric plant may receive a bit of scepticism from some operators, but these machines are both powerful and efficient. Of course, both diesel and electric diggers come with advantages and disadvantages. With this in mind, let’s explore the common questions around electric machinery to decide if this new, modern technology is right for you.

How Long Does The Battery Last On An Electric Digger?

The battery on an electric digger hire lasts around 4-6 hours depending on the intensity of use. This can be perceived as inconvenient, especially as charging stations may be inaccessible in rural locations. However, it’s worth noting the potential savings in cost compared to the rising price of diesel as well as the impact it has on the environment. These factors could potentially outweigh the inconvenience of the young and underdeveloped infrastructure for electric construction machinery.

Are Electric Diggers As Powerful As Standard Excavators?

Yes. In fact, in some instances, an electric digger is more powerful than a conventional machine hire. The myth that they aren’t as strong may have arisen from a decline in battery life, and a resulting drop in power towards the end. However, if a machine is regularly charged, there is nothing an electric digger can’t do that its diesel counterparts can.

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How Long Does It Take To Charge An Electric Digger On Hire?

An electric digger takes approximately 10-12 hours to charge. This may seem like a long time, but most diesel diggers are left overnight for this amount of time. The difference is that whilst an electric machine is charging, a standard digger hire is sitting idle and refuelled intermittently during the working week.

When Will I Need To Replace An E-Diggers Battery?

An electric digger’s battery usually comes with a minimum 2-year warranty. This means that manufacturers can vouch that every battery they make will last 2 years of continuous use. What’s more, just because the warranty is expired, doesn’t mean a battery will become obsolete, it could last for much longer than this if cared for and maintained.

Choose Double M Plant Hire For Electric Diggers

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