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Five Reasons Why You Should Hire A Cement Mixer

One of the great construction inventions of the 20th century is the cement mixer. It has singlehandedly increased the productivity and effectiveness of wet trades for over a century now, so there’s a few reasons why you should hire one. If you’re stuck in the 19th century, and mixing your mortar by hand, then read on to find out why a mixer could revolutionise your working life.

Create Quality Mortar With A Cement Mixer

As the material that binds so many aspects of a home together, it’s important that mortar is made to the highest quality. Mixing by hand in a wheelbarrow or bucket can result in lumpy, poorly mixed or overly saturated mortar. Fortunately, a quality electric cement mixer is available to hire and can fix all of these potential issues. The mix will be smooth, and can add materials more accurately and create a fluffy, well-mixed, high-quality mortar in a fraction of the time.

Save Yourself Labour Cost

Mixing mortar by hand is not very time efficient. In fact, mixing large amounts of mortar for large scale construction work is almost undoable, and at the very least, would require a lot of manpower. Not only does the material have to be moved around, but it would have to be mixed with hand tools. This kind of labour cost is just not applicable to an efficient worksite. However, an electric cement mixer can mean the job of 10 can be done by just one person, saving a huge amount of cost when it comes to labour.

Get More Work Done With A Cement Mixer

The direct impact of reduced labour cost and faster mixing time is increased work productivity. It’s not hard to see that mixing mortar by hand is slow and hardgoing. By speeding up the process you can get more work done. Whether you’re laying bricks, stone or render, you can get more in or on the wall throughout the day. This results in a higher profit margin and general cost savings all around.

Waste Less Mortar

Hand-mixing mortar can be wasteful. This isn’t because those who mix it spill or throw away materials, but the nature of hand-mixed mortar itself. As the day goes on, and the material dries, it becomes less usable. This is especially true for trades such as renderers. If you have a cement mixer, this mortar can go back in and be remixed with more water. However, without an electric mixer, you may be forced to throw it away and start again.

Filling An Orange Cement Mixer

Improved Health & Safety

Using hand tools can be responsible for a number of workplace injuries. When you combine this with the awkward angles of mixing cement in a wheelbarrow, the risk of injury increases. By using an electric cement mixer, you can avoid awkward angles and practice proper manual handling to mitigate workplace ailments. The fewer injuries on site, the better.

Get In Touch With Double M For Cement Mixer Hire

We offer a range of high-quality tools to help get the job done fast. If you’re looking for a cement mixer, you can be confident our equipment is well maintained and ready to assist you. To find out more, give us a call today.

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