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What Is A Concrete Saw & When Should You Hire?

A concrete saw or a disc cutter is a petrol-powered blade you can hire to slice through concrete and other tough materials. You should hire a tool like this when your battery-powered alternatives aren’t up to the challenge, or for larger jobs. If you’re thinking of using one of these pieces of machinery, then you may have questions. Fortunately, we’ve written some common answers below to help.

Concrete Saw Hire Safety

Safety is the number one priority when hiring a concrete saw. They are powerful machines capable of getting through tough material, which means they can be dangerous. Ensure you’ve read the owners manual and are proficient in using heavy power tools such as these before commencing work. Additionally, always wear the appropriate safety gear. This consists of:

  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection
  • Respirator

How To Start A Concrete Saw

A concrete saw hire is a petrol tool and, therefore has the same starting requirements as most petrol machinery. Before you start, you’ll need to activate the choke. This cuts off air to the engine allowing for a richer fuel-to-air supply ratio, particularly important if the engine is cold. From here, we advise using the small fuel pump to filter some fresh fuel into the carburettor. After this, ensure the engine is on and pull the cord with reasonable force, rhythmically until the engine starts. Once it has fired a few times, flick the choke and accelerator off and allow it to tick over for a few minutes before use.

disc cutter cutting concrete

What Can My Saw Hire Cut?

If you hire a concrete saw, you may be wondering if it can cut more than concrete. It can. However, this will require a different blade. Depending on if you want to cut metal, stone of concrete, you can fit different blades for different purposes. Be sure to choose the right one for the job, and tighten the blade appropriately to avoid harm to the user and those around them.

How To Maintain A Concrete Saw Hire

As a concrete saw has an engine, it needs a fuel and oil mix. If you’ve hired a concrete saw, it’s important to check the fuel regularly and maintain the right levels. The amount of two stroke oil to petrol ratio you use will depend on a few circumstances, we recommend reading the owner’s manual to specify this. Additionally, you will also want to ensure there isn’t too much dust built up as you use it, as this can clog the blade.

Contact Double M Plant Hire For Concrete Saws

Our concrete saws are maintained and top of the range to ensure you get a quality tool. If you need to cut concrete, then get in touch with one of our team today for a quote.

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