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How To Keep Your Digger Maintained While On Hire

When using a digger on hire, it’s important to keep it in good condition. Part of the agreement of using hired machinery is being responsible for daily maintenance. If you ignore these aspects, you could be liable for any damage that occurs due to negligence. To help keep your machine running smoothly for the whole hire duration, we’ve put together this step-by-step guide.


  • Fuel
  • Engine oil
  • Water
  • Grease


  • Spade
  • Grease gun

Step One: Check Your Oil Levels

The first thing you should do before you start work with your digger on hire is to check the oil levels. Nine times out of ten, oil levels don’t change. However, if there’s a sudden leak, and you run a machine on no oil, it can cause irreparable damage to an engine. This may result in costly replacement fees. It’s the responsibility of the hirer to keep an eye on oil and fluid levels, so be sure to check these every time you go to use an excavator.

check oil digger engine

Step Two: Monitor Fuel & Fluid Levels

Secondly, after checking your oil levels, it’s important to check the fluid levels on your digger hire. Fuel, water and hydraulic oil can be monitored on your engine by checking under the bonnet. Low fuel levels can pull grime from the tank into an excavator’s system and cause poor performance. Low hydraulic oil levels will cause these issues too, as well as risk health and safety. Additionally, a lack of water in the radiator may lead to engine overheating. If ignored, all of these levels can result in repair bills should the hired machinery get damaged, so it’s crucial to check them each day.

digger engine fluids

Step Three: Grease Points & Using Your Digger Appropriately

After you’ve carried out the pre-start checks, you should keep on top of your grease points, and avoid overworking your digger throughout the hire. Lifting objects from inappropriate points on the digger’s arm, breaking rubble or concrete with the bucket or tracking through deep water are all examples of inappropriate excavator use. If you notice sluggish movement or strange sounds from the joints of the excavator, it may indicate a lack of grease. You can use a grease gun on the various points around the machine to top up any levels and keep it running smoothly.

grease points on digger

Step Four: Clean Out Your Tracks

After the working day is over, we recommend cleaning the tracks of your digger if necessary. If you’ve been working in thick mud, then this can dry and set inside the excavator’s tracks. This can sometimes cause issues and it is good practice to keep clean. Not only this, but when the hire is over on your digger, you can avoid any cleaning fees by removing mud and debris from the machine.

digger tracks

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